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Friday, September 04, 2015

Erudite Bodies

June came and went, fickle
Under the rain-bellied clouds,
Little touches of grey
In a youthful haze of sky
Under the dome of a milky rim
Singing in praise of the Sun.

Hunted shadows crept
Away into the crooks,
Running in fear;
Denizens of dark becoming
Indented, a blurred line
Notably diminishing in the bower
Growing in the shade,

Bringing forth the open shirt
Of heat. Bodies of petals
Unsheathed in light,
Raising a hemline to
Night, heads drooping in grass;
Each heated tendril
Munching underfoot like buttered toast.
Of course, then came August
Undenied: That august patron of
The clashing art that
Holds us all in pocketfuls.

Deceitful, too, its bright jewels
Over stained are paste,
Redolent costume jewellery
Sanguine in haste,
Executing a slight haughty air
That warms without a care.

Pink shrubs lying blush, baked
Open, lips tinged red and
Orange singed at the head,
Lapels bright on the tips of tongues,
Erudite bodies under the Sun.

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