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Friday, June 09, 2017

Twenty Things: Did You Know...?

Obama and Trudeau meet up for dinner in Montreal
Obama and Trudeau meet up for dinner in Montreal/ADAM SCOTTI.

News nuggets picked from the press.

  1. Iran has suffered its first attack by the so-called Islamic State. Twin attacks on the Iranian parliament and Ayatollah Khomeini's mausoleum in the capital, Tehran, have killed at least 12 people and injured many more.
  2. A proposal by an Australian Islamic group to allow "safe spaces" for young Muslims to discuss "inflammatory" issues has sparked a row.
  3. An actor has been mistaken for a terrorist on a French train.
  4. The chief of Italian police has said he has a "clear conscience" over the actions his force took regarding Youssef Zaghba, one of the London Bridge attackers.
  5. An appeal by the family of a Canadian woman killed in the London Bridge attacks for people to honour her memory has led to a rise in donations to charities, while the family of Ignacio Echeverría, who went to help a woman as she was stabbed by the attackers at London's Borough Market, has announced his death.
  6. The family of London attack victim Sara Zelenak have paid tribute to their "beautiful daughter and sister," as police say the death toll from Saturday's attacks has risen to eight.
  7. Ex-FBI chief James Comey has told Congress President Donald Trump wanted a "patronage relationship" and asked for his "loyalty".
  8. A white extremist who tweeted asking for someone to assassinate an MP has been given a suspended jail sentence.
  9. Findings from a BBC Panorama investigation suggested that the number of "unexpected" mental health deaths in the UK had risen by 50% in three years.
  10. BBC Trending has discovered a trend towards paid-for UK election advertising in entirely new places, including Snapchat, mobile phone games, and YouTube wrestling videos.
  11. The US tech giants Apple, Google's parent Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook are the five biggest companies in the world by market capitalisation. Their increasing dominance is fuelling concerns about competition and data privacy.
  12. Thought to be the biggest tax scandal in German post-war history, an international group of bankers, lawyers and stockbrokers - reportedly with links to the City of London - appears to have fiddled the tax system, employing practices which were at best unethical, at worst illegal.
  13. Maths teacher Azam Zia allowed pupils to settle disputes during out-of-hours wrestling sessions and charged pupils between £15 and £20 to attend.
  14. Boys don't like reading books that have girls as the main characters - and that "makes it harder for girls to be equal", says the new Children's Laureate Lauren Child.
  15. The shifting nature of commercial partnerships means that book prizes can often change their names every few years.
  16. British stars including Joanna Lumley, Stephen Fry and Rob Brydon have joined 2,000 people at a memorial service for comedian Ronnie Corbett, who died last year.
  17. Barack Obama has enjoyed a rare tête-à-tête with Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Montreal.
  18. The southern Indian state of Kerala has eased its ban on the sale and consumption of alcohol.
  19. The idea that modern people evolved in a single "cradle of humanity" in East Africa some 200,000 years ago is no longer tenable, new research suggests.
  20. The sense of fair play is an important human trait, but new research suggests that it's a key behaviour for dogs and wolves as well.

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