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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Beauty pokes out the eye of the beholder

Sometimes beauty in art is cruel. Sometimes it can be a jump into a fire of redemption. Sometimes it is cute. But it will always pull you. That's how you know it is art. That is how we can distinguish it from crap. Because it pulls you.

That is how we distinguish love from sex, too. Sex pulls at close range only. Love pulls down mountains.

It is that simple, and that complex.

A good analogy here is between a British deaf hotel maid, who steals a small Henry Moore from out of a rich couple's room, and the rich American couple. They had misplaced the piece and she had found it while cleaning the room. When asked why she had taken it, the deaf woman hand signs "It spoke to me, and I heard it." The wealthy man's wife looks amazed as she says, "You heard it, too?"

Whoever you are, beauty will always pull you.

Whoever you are, love can make a slave out of you.

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