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Monday, October 11, 2004


I have received e-mails about my post "Falling In And Out Of Love" asking for clarification. Clarification? Why? Can't people get an opinion of their own, or do they hold mine in such high esteem that they need to get it clarified. What I wrote speaks for itself.

I can understand the natural initial foreboding that many Europeans could feel. Why should the fact that my antecedents are Turkish colour my opinion? And having an objective opinion will never detract from the pride I feel for my ancestry.

Plus, Europe is a collective which is struggling with its Nazi and communist past, and who knows whether the EU will even survive the tricky issues of a constitution, common defence policy and army or monetary cohesion in the next 10 years for it to still be standing for Turkey to enter?

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Death of Superman
Actor Christopher Reeve has died. He was 52 years old. I've been a fan of the comic book superhero since my youth. At family get-togethers playing let's pretend with my cousins, I was always Superman, imitating the actions played out on my bedroom's wallpaper and in the comics strips. I dreamed that I would one day marry a girl called Lois.

When Reeve suffered his tragic accident that left him wheelchair bound, his quest to overcome his difficulties truly was heroic. As a result of a car accident some three years ago, my mother also suffered a back injury which left her wheelchair bound. But through intense physio and sheer will power she has begun to walk again. I had hoped that Reeve, too, would overcome his paralysis and that one day we would see him taking his first steps.

It was not to be.

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