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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Selections From My Inbox

On average I get over 50-60 mails a day in regard to my blog and all things Tarkan. It's hard to believe, but my record daily inbox consumption is 100 mails. Half of them are usually from young ladies across the world declaring their love, thinking they have contacted Tarkan himself. I'm glad to note that some readers usually catch on quick that I am not Tarkan, which means they actually read what I put on my blog. However, due to this and my limited time, for three months now I have someone else very kindly checking my website mails for me, and they forward to my private address the ones they think I'd like to reply to.

So, here is an assortment of candy and spice from my inbox, I only use real names where permission has been given...

Merhaba Ali,

I saw your website on a Tarkan page. I am from the U.S.A., an American who loves Turkish music, especially Tarkan, and I was wondering if you know the release date of his English CD? I have all his videos and CD's, calenders, posters, and even a Pepsi can from Turkey with his picture on it. I'm truly a Tarkan fan. I'm so intrigued by his music. I fell in love with his music 5 years ago when a Turkish friend was playing his CD. I'm hoping Tarkan will take the U.S. music industry by storm. I can't seem to find a Tarkan fan club that keeps you up to date on his music or tours. I truly hope he does a U.S. tour. If you know of a Tarkan fan club I would greatly appreciate it. Any information about him I would love to read or wallpaper for my PC.


An American Fan

Virginia Beach, Virginia, U.S.

As I don't work for Tarkan's management in anyway and do not follow magazine programmes on TV, I really couldn't tell you when the release date will be. You can read my article about Tarkan's English album project, where I explain that the release date has been set back many times. But Tarkan being Tarkan it will probably be released when everyone least expects it.

As for Tarkan fan clubs, there are many out there, but few that are very active. I personally do not involve myself in a Tarkan fan club so cannot tell you for certain how active they are. But in my opinion an active fan club that keeps up to date will be the best place for news of tour events and dates, because even though they don't have official sources open to them, news does travel fast. Good fans will always share and so news of tours will reach the most active ones quickly.

For Tarkan wallpapers this is a start, and for more information about him keep...well just keep watching this space.

Hi mate

Just stumbled across your website by chance when I was trying to find sites which had translations of Tarkan songs, as I am a fan of his but have only just started learning Turkish.

I really like your site, it looks really professional and I think it's probably the best resource for Turkish music, especially amongst people who don't speak Turkish...

I wondered if you had links to translations of songs by either Tarkan, or Sezen Aksu (or even Şebnem Ferah or Sertab, if you have those).

Thanks in advance for your help, and no probs if you can't point me in the right direction...

Cheers mate,


Resources for English translations of Turkish song lyrics are scarce - this is one of the main reasons that I begun all this in the first place.

I do not know if there are any complete English translations of Aksu, Sertab or Ferah song lyrics, but I have found one excellent site by a Turkish girl living in America that has translated some Sertab songs in her artist directory. She has also translated some of Tarkan's songs.

You can find my translations of Tarkan's songs all over the Net, and as is the way of the cyber world, being used with and without my permission. Some of my translations have also reached the cover of Tarkan's 2000 CD cover, which was released in the USA, and my Kuzu Kuzu (Like A Lamb) translation has also been used with my permission by journalists in their articles (preferring mine over the official translation posted up at Tarkan's site).

However, I have a project titled Tarkan Translations, where I put all my revised translations in one place for fans to access easily.

As for my old translations, just look in the google directory, and most English language fan sites will hold the English lyrics.

Hi sexy Ali :)

For starters I just wanted to let you know that I think everyone who reacted really stupidly over your disappearance must have so little to do in their lives that they can't find anything better to do. It was so obvious that it was a promotion or something...and you don't have to act the way they want you to, do you?

I'm also curious if you know that your translations of the Avea commercial are like on the billboards in Istanbul that I've seen pics of?

It would be improper of me to comment on the actions of others and in all honesty bad-mouthing people isn't something I do.

In response to the part about the translations, I haven't seen any billboards (as I am not in Turkey - at the moment I am in the UK) or any pics of billboards for that matter. When I work creatively (be it translations or otherwise) I prefer to work without such aid.

I am interested to see that the Tarkan & Avea adverts in Turkey are in English...? Is Avea trying to reach the tourist as a consumer, too?

Hi, Ali

I wanted to be sure to thank you for the incredible account you wrote, of the Tarkan concert you saw. For those of us living in the U.S., the chance of seeing him perform is far down the road, if there even IS a chance. I read that he would like a career that included not only Europe, but America as well. I would love to see that happen too, but I sincerely hope he'll take it very slowly. It's not that I don't think America would love him, but he's involved in so much already....I would hate to see him burn out. If he plans well, I really believe his career could span years and years! He's certainly talented enough, and I think he's smart enough to keep evolving as he has been.

Anyway, your retelling of the Tarkan concert was so vivid, it was the next best thing to being there. And I really appreciate that you put so much detail and emotion into it. I especially loved the expression "little/big man" that you used to describe him.....that fits him beautifully! He may be a little short in stature, but his presence *fills* that stage. I can tell from the few videos of him that I've seen. He really *does* seem to enfold every single person in the audience into a warm embrace. I absolutely adore him.....he's amazing! Because of him, I've even given serious thought to learning the Turkish language. It's so rhythmic and musical.

I don't want to take anymore of your time, but I *did* want to tell you how much I loved and appreciated your Tarkan concert blog. It was an absolute joy!

Take care and God bless, Jill Andrews

Thank you for your e-mail. This type of letter is better than an energy drink! I want to respond in kind, and so I return all your warmest sentiments straight back to you.

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