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Sunday, July 31, 2005

I Can Make You Happy

With current events, I can understand how it might be difficult to smile. Negativity seems to fill our television screens. People are unhappy with the world around them and with their own lives, and this makes them cruel towards others.

Or people seem to have nothing better to do but make personal attacks at others.

So I thought I'd give you an alternative. Instead of bad mouthing other people, why don't you try my recipe for a better life?

Let me help you become happy with five top tips to utopia.

Happy Hitlist

5. Get a pet

Social interaction is very important to relieve stress and anxiety. Companionship whether furry or not, is very important to your well-being.

4. Believe in something

Get faith. Okay, I do understand that God as a concept is not for everyone, but put your heart in something spiritual. Realising that there is a bigger picture than the everyday mundane makes life a little easier.

3. Do charity work

Doing good things for others adds pounds on your self-worth. Simply put, it is good for the soul. So why not do some voluntarily work, join a charity, or plant a tree for the environment?

2. Make a decision

Be decisive otherwise the heart will be weighed down with unnecessary stress and anxiety, the two biggest enemies of happiness. When the time to make a decision comes along, be brave and just take the leap!

1. Don't look too hard for happiness

Try and be content with your lot, or at least enjoy the little things in life. Sometimes contentment can be hard to find, so try and squeeze it out of every moment. Take time to look up at the sky, and simply breathe. Realise you are alive and enjoy every minute of it.


Follow this guideline and I promise it will make you happy. You will no longer need to bad mouth others or to complain and gripe about your life. Inner peace will give you outer peace.

And your spirit will grow.

Don't thank me if it works. You being happy will be thanks enough.

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