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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

You've Got Mail [From Across the World]

My mail box is busy as usual, and recently as I've been looking through the Tarkan correspondence two things struck me the most.

  • 1) How the mails are sent by people from so many different corners of the world, and
  • 2) how they all keep asking me the same things over and over again!

To go some way in alleviating the latter, I think that it's best to answer some of the mails here. Hopefully this will help a few fans before they spend their precious time sending me mails on the same subject, or at least become a link that I can use to direct people and save me from repeating myself.

Dear Ali,

It was a pleasant surprise to have discovered your web-site!

I believe Tarkan is a very lucky guy to have a person like you with all your creativity triggered to help the world understand his lyrics.

Bravo, Ali!

Is there any chance you could give me a hand in the following matter? I need to get a hold of Tarkan's agent in order to discuss a possibility of inviting the singer to perform in Ukraine.

The web has not been kind to me in this respect, so far. I'll keep surfing, but I hope you may know better.

Thank you so much in advance for your positive/negative answer.

With kindest regards,

Joumber Saamov,

"Landmark Promotions" (a division of "Landmark VIP Services", Russia)

Dear Joumber,

Thank you for your kind compliments.

I think that this question you ask is the third most asked question I find in my mailbox. I've had to give the same answer to promoters and agents, and ordinary fans just wanting to get in touch with Tarkan, many times.

The only contact details I have can easily be found over the Internet or on Tarkan's CDs. I can give you this information here, for whatever use it will be, as the information is already in the public domain.

UPDATE: Contact details at (2010) >>

Please note I am not responsible for broken external links, dead email addresses or wrong telephone numbers.

Tarkan's press agent works through Tarkan's own production company HITT, details for which are:

Hey there Ali...

I'm Sharifah from Singapore...

I just recently heard Tarkan's latest song which is Ayrilik Zor...and I instantly fell in love with it...

The problem is I can't find any translation for this song...

Which comes to a point that I desperately need a favour from you...

Can you please please please... translate that song for me...cause from what I can sense is.. that song seems to be an emotional one..and I really want to find out...

Can you reply me as soon as possible..

Thank you s00000 much!!!!!!!

Hello Sharifah and greetings to Singapore! It is a beautiful place.

To answer your question, my own archive of English translations are housed at one of my Tarkan projects on the Net, known as Tarkan Translations. It is designed to keep all my translations in one place for fans to access easily.

My English translation of the Ayrılık Zor lyrics have been posted there. Click here to go to the page.


I am Rafed from Iraq and I need to learn more about Tarkan lyrics that translated to English, would you please to tell me how and I'll be thankful for you my friend.

Thank you for your mail Rafed.

You can find my translations for most of Tarkan's songs all over the Net on other fans sites that have posted them. As a shortcut check the Google Directory for Tarkan's name and some of the fan sites you will find provide English translations of his songs.

You can also find my own complete translations of Tarkan song lyrics on my new site Tarkan Translations.

If there are certain songs you want to know about and you can't find it on the site, let me know and I will try to post them up at Tarkan Translations as soon as possible.

Hi, Ali!

We are a couple from Austria and just want to tell you how much we love Tarkan! We have found so much about him from you!

So this is what we want to ask you...Do you know anything about his guarder? I know he must have many security, but there is always one the same. We think it is his personal bodyguard and we see him at all the Tarkan concerts we go to! This is many! We think his name is Levent!

Blessings to you,

Derek & Tina

Yes, I know that he has a personal bodyguard named Levent Ağaoğlu, from Legend Security, who has been working with Tarkan for over five years or more. But apart fom that, I know little else about him.

UPDATE: Tarkan changes his security team (2013) >>

Levent Hazır Kart advertBut here is something which may interest the growing fans of Levent. In 2002 Tarkan appeared in a series of commercials for GSM operator Turkcell's Hazır Kart products. In the final advert of a series of three, Tarkan gives a concert, in which he plans to reunite a separated couple. Tarkan Hazır Kart advertIn the film Tarkan is seen backstage, when his security guard informs him via a mobile phone (what else for this type of commercial?) that the boy and girl are in the audience, but they haven't seen each other.

The person that played the role of the security guard seems to be none other than Levent, Tarkan's personal body guard.

If you want to see the advert, then I am sure many peer-to-peer users are sharing it as a file. I do not advocate or suggest you use these, but of course you are completely free to do so.

However, you could also ask a Tarkan fan instead from a club to share it with you if they have it.

Selam Ali,

I have been following you for a long time through your posts and I understand you're against illegally distributing Tarkan's music. But where I live they don't sell Tarkan discs. We have to get them imported from Pakistan and they are copies not originals.

I don't have the chance to buy and listen to Tarkan any other way. Downloading files is the only way I can get Tarkan material.

Best wishes, Sunita from India.

As I mentioned in my Love Speak post, I do not download such files which are available for purchase also, but that does not mean I criticise those that do.

However, the excuse you give for it I find highly unbelievable. If people do this, it is for another reason and not because Tarkan products are not available in their country.

We live in an age of technology and anyone that has the opportunity to email me can securely, even from a public computer these days, purchase or download Tarkan songs legally through Amazon, Ebay, MSN Music, iTunes, Music Stack, HMV UK and many other sites.

There is even a Turkish auction site Gitti Gidiyor for fans in Turkey to obtain Tarkan memorabilia, too.

This is the way that I have built up my Tarkan music collection of his CD's and LP's released around the world.


I wanted to know where do you come exactly from Turkey?

Bye, Kiss

Gjulgjan Sinanoska, Switzerland

If you click here you will read that I am a Turkish Cypriot. I am Turkish, but not from Turkey. I was born in Cyprus. My family relocated to England when I was two years old. I now journey between both homes.

Hi Ali,

How are you doing? I am from Spain and I wanted to ask you something. I belong to a Tarkan club and someone posted there your link but said it might upset people! I got very confused! Because to me you are the best thing on the Net for Tarkan. I hate his official site. If it wasn't for you I'd not enjoy Tarkan on the Net.

So this made me very surprised when I read this message - because you are so helpful! So I asked one member why and when they told me why I nearly fell off my seat to laugh!

How do you still do it? If I had ungrateful, ignorant people like this I should not help them! But please still do! Do not stop...I am just saying that some people are very, very stupid. And I am happy it does not make you bother.

Love, Isabel

I really thought long and hard before replying to this mail.

Because I really think that giving this subject a response is wrong. If people have a problem with anything I do, then that problem is their own, not mine. And obviously as I have no right to correct anyone's mistakes but my own, I don't feel it is right to voice an opinion about the matter.

Of course I am open to criticism about me, but it has to be civil, justified and not steeped in abusive attacks about my person. That is about ten levels lower than I am prepared to go.

But as I've been getting so many mails from different people about this subject, I guess I have to say at least a little for those fans that deserve a genuine response.

The only answer I want to give here is that I respect everyone's opinion and everyone's right to have an opinion. Anything else after that is just moot. I'm not here to campaign for myself.

Plus to all those that may have posted something bad about me, all I can say is good luck to them. It says more about their character than it ever will of mine.

Bad mouthing people is like a cancer. Once you've caught it, it's a chronic illness. Eventually it destroys the owner of the words.

To all those still wondering, the footage of Missing! Last Seen on Cromwell St is purely fictional. I play a character there. I am not like that in person, nor did any event like this take place. It is what they call in the film industry a short or short subject. We filmed it in the style of The Blair Witch Project to give it realism.

I like to look on the postive side and see all this hullabaloo as a testament to my acting. :P

Wow! Is this what I meant when I said a little? :)

And finally to end on a nice note:

Hi, Ali

How are you,

Really you have a new style in websites Tarkan, keep going!

I want only thank you MAN.

- from the webmaster of

Thank you. Your kind words say more about the goodness in you than it could ever about me. Be well.

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