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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Latest Developments In The Tarkan Camp

by Tolga AKYILDIZ | 27.08.05 Hürriyet

Last week I had mentioned that Tarkan's English language songs had been stolen from the recording studio before their release. My initial thoughts were that:

"What's done is done, Tarkan should look ahead and bring the release date for the single and album forward, and not concentrate on chasing some poor DJ through the courts, but to concentrate on the project."

Since last week I have gathered some new information. For example I discovered that the DJ who was arrested for playing the stolen songs at the Bodrum Club Marina Katamaran* and the Radio Oscar DJ that went so far as to place the songs into the Top 10 playlist are not as naive and innocent as first thought.

For example the claim that Bodrum DJ Ozan Kılıç got his job by returning from Germany this year saying, "In my possession I have Tarkan's complete and as yet unreleased English album" raises certain questions.

Expected to be released in October, ownership of the album outside of Turkey belongs to Universal Germany. Is it possible that the theft in question took place during a moment of oversight by Universal Germany?

Sources close to Tarkan after some investigation have come up with 5-6 possible scenarios but emphasise that this possibility is a slim one. We will all be following future developments.

Apart from this, other bits of information that have reached us are: the single is to be released to the Turkish market as soon as possible and that the album to be released worldwide in October will probably hold 14 tracks. Working on the album for a long time, along with 13 brand new songs there is an English version of "Şıkıdım", which is being seen as a sure hit.

Initially only considering to release the album for the European market, it's rumoured that after hearing the whole album Universal Germany liked it so much they want to represent the album in America, Russia and the Middle East.

If you have downloaded the songs from the Internet, then I'll explain so you won't be fooled; the songs you've heard are only the very basic demo versions. When you hear the real things, you'll know what I mean.


*A 1,000 capacity Bodrum Marina Club vessel that sails in the waters between Turkey and Greece from midnight to 5 am - it is a floating club.

Newspaper link very kindly provided by Deniz A. Yüksel

Translated by Ali Yildirim

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