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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A Wonderful Letter

Even though I get a lot of mails, it is not every day that I get such a letter as this one:

I honestly don't know how to address this email so I'll just get to it.

I came to your site following endless links in my search for some new bit of info on Tarkan and his latest album. Although I didn't find what I was looking for (since apparently nothing is still known about it yet), I was pleasantly surprised by what I did find.

At first I was a bit skeptic when I read in your profile about not sending you marriage proposals for I figured you were some kind of egomaniac.

After much reading around your blog I am glad to admit how wrong I was. It was your Tick Tock entry that really got to me. Your way with words and how beautifuly you express your feelings is something I wish we all had. Call me a pessimist but I've just about given up on the state of the world and people in general with their politics, greed, selfishness, racism, and countless intolerance...and then I read your entry.

All I can say is you've made my day.

Knowing that at least halfway across the globe there is another human being who is interested in other cultures, not just his own, and feels so passionately about it that he invites everyone to make every country ours is like a sign for me (and I hope many others) not to lose hope.

There are more of us out there. It may be hard to find them were we live in places full of cynics and people too wrapped up in themselves to notice or care about those that are suffering but just knowing that they are out there makes all the difference in the world.

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful entries and to once again say how I admire your way with words. I wanted to thank you for reminding me that there are still people who not only care about others but also about animals (which I was beginning to think was somewhat of an oxymoron). But most of all I wanted to thank you for making my day a little brighter and making me just a little less pessimistic about people.

Thank you :)


Miami,Florida USA

Update to this post (March 2006): This reader became a guest writer at Tarkan Deluxe. You can read her contributions here.

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