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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Food For Thought

I love to eat.

Eating good food is an important factor of life, which if done properly is like quality exercise, it will give you a buzz and sustain and develop your body.

Preparing good food is not only an art, I also believe that it is a science that those in the industry must learn. When I go out to dine at a restaurant I want to know that the chef knows what is going on with his food during the preparation process and the cooking process as he works.

Trust me when I say that kitchen chemistry is just as important as sexual chemsitry.

The ingredients used must also be taken into consideration. Vegetables grown must be grown properly and in regard to the environment. This should not mean that only organic foods are used, but fresh and seasonal products will be more healthy and more tasty for the eater.

Animals that are utilised for their meat should not suffer animal cruelty. Ottoman chefs used to live with their animals and believed that God would only bless the eater if they treated the animal correctly. Your stomach will bless you, too, as treating an animal correctly means that the meat will also taste better.

If we had treated animals better, arguably mad cow disease and avian bird flu would not be so prevalent today.

The body has its own politics because ultimately you are what you eat. If you do not look after your body it will evict you early.

Above all avoid excess in eating and in ingredients. For example choking everything in hot spice is just as bad as people that have to cover every bit of their food in ketchup sauce.

Finally, the way the food is eaten is important. The setting, the ambience and the table etiquette coupled with the eater's own inner well-being will enhance the dinner.

Eating is a necessity for most, but dining should be an experience.

And after dining, when a few hours has passed, there a three ways to complete such an experience perfectly - by talking a lesiurely stroll, a few yoga exercises or making love.

The choice is yours, and I can recommend all three.

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