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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A Golden Gift

Original or Fake?
Tarkan at MidemIf you browse through Ebay's auction site you'll find a very interesting Tarkan item for sale in France.

In 1999 Tarkan was awarded a gold disc for the high sales of his single Şımarık at Cannes Midem.

Supposedly, that disc is now being sold at E-bay*.

It looks exactly the same as the one in the picture (see above), except for the silver plaque at the bottom.

After getting in touch with the seller, I have been informed that it is an original. The seller makes the claim it was bought at a musical convention and that verification details are on the back of the frame. Yet, buyers should still be wary of an imitation.

I have been told more than once how Tarkan fans like to group together to meet Tarkan and give him gifts so as to remember the occasion.

Well, what could be a better gift than to present Tarkan with the gold disc that was awarded to him all those years ago on your next meeting? As many members as possible could contribute some money to a fund set up for the purchase.

The fans could have their names engraved on a plaque and added to the frame before it is given to Tarkan. He will always remember you for this unique gift, and you'll always treasure the fact that somewhere on his wall hangs a momentous occasion with your name on it.

Maybe, it will even bring him luck.

However, there is less than three days to go until the auction ends, and with four bids the price is going up. I advise caution and research.

Arguably if this item is an imitation, the thought still stands to find something unique to present to the star at your next meeting.

But if it is authentic, I wonder why Tarkan didn't keep it? If you present it to him, you could ask him.

* Tarkan Deluxe does not assert that this item is an original. Leila, a Tarkan fan from France has informed Tarkan Deluxe that a few years ago there were many of these imitation golden records sold in France at a cheap price. Leila asserts they copied the original ones. I contacted the seller before publishing this post and was assured that the item is an original with accreditation, but the buyer should always do the necessary research before making a purchase online or at an auction.
UPDATE: The auction ended on February 2 and the item was sold for over 200 euros. (03/02/06)

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