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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Did I Really Call My Website That?

Funny Domain Names
By MSN UK News 'And Finally'

You have an internet start-up company, you've put the work in on designing your website, you've gone live and launched your spectacular showcase on the web, then someone spots that your site may just have other connotations.

Okay, you may get a few more hits from people looking to change their gender DIY but you've just joined the growing band of websites with poorly thought-out names.

Take for example, not actually a handy gift finder for your favourite 'lady of the night', but in fact a site for finding PR contacts for celebrities. - the best place to get custom made pens on the internetThen why not stop by, which is not the tourist information site for a land populated with male private parts, but is in fact Pen Island "the best place to get custom made pens on the internet!"

Finally doesn't exactly sound like the ideal place to pick up the latest online tunes, the website title sounding like the world's shortest bad review.

The technology may be cutting edge but it seems that the world wide web is not completely fool-proof just yet.

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