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Friday, February 10, 2006

Night Inspirations

Reaching Out

the tip of my tongue aches
with dedication to taste
all your flavours;
wars of reason surrender and
walls of fear crumble,
as my fingers search
for your point of paradise.

I reach out for you.

like a hand in glove
our souls slip in, connecting
to an electrical current;
bodies plugged to a live wire,
a psychic link that needs charging
every night, I glow a little
after reaching out for its signal.

I reach out to you.

azure horizons dance
with turquoise seas,
while my ship sails a beat
in out, up down, in out,
moonlight and refecting sea,
blends in each other blinding,
making one bright light.

I reach out in you.

you divided my history,
I am before you and after you,
my year is LOVE A.D.,
I am re-written in hand print
as you withdraw from me,
my feet skim the stars, and
hot winds leave scars as I fall.


Turkish Eyes

Were you the inspiration for the night
Or did the night inspire the creation
Of your Turkish eyes? And a few miles south
On the edge of your lips I know so well
How the night devours.

Was the love great Eastern poets mention
Merely an audition for your rosebud's scent?
How can I forget how its petals open and grow
Damp and wet from the heat of those Turkish eyes?
With a spoilt child's playful hand you crayon
Passionate pictures on my soul's armour,
With every touch you've locked yourself in, and
Sweat and fire works it deeper into the skin.

Is this love or love cloaked as desire?
Like a shadow puppet merged in shadow,
Like twilight and encroaching night,
Where do I end and you begin?

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