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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tarkan Bounce 'n' Mix

By Deniz A. Yüksel reporting from Denmark

Cover of Tarkan's single Bounce, international releaseTarkan is preparing for the international release of his début English language album and single.

The release of the upcoming Bounce single cover not only differs from the 2005 Turkish release, but the track list is completely different, too. A preview of the songs, along with the order of play can be found here and here, and at Urban, a division of Universal Germany.

In Denmark, DJ's have begun to play the Bounce single. It has entered at number 33 in its first week in the clubs.

The Danish DJ Magazine, Tunemag gives a review of the single:
(by Erik Jensen, translation by Deniz Yüksel)

Front cover to Tarkan's Bounce"We haven't heard much from Tarkan since "Şımarık" (the Kiss Kiss song) got huge in Europe," it says, "after people heard it on their summer vacations round the 'Mediterranean Sea'. Now he's back with his first English-language album, and with Bounce as the first single.

"The song is a mix-up with old oriental and Middle East tones mixed with heavy, modern urban beats. It is difficult to say whether Tarkan has improved himself lyrically, since [the reviewer doesn't] understand Turkish, but the English lyrics here are in the classical 'shake-your-ass-cause-we-gonna-party-tonight' style."

Sleeve of Bounce LP, with heavy house remixes by DJ Fuma and Armand van Helden.The article goes on to state that "it looks like it's an upcoming huge summer hit, especially when you see the amount of remixes." There is a Pacifique de replay remix, one Spanish flavoured reggaeton mix from Don Candiani and an Indu and Oriental mix by DJ Altay.

"It's probably going to be one of these that you will hear, if you're going to Alanya in Turkey this summer."

There are also two pre-release DJ vinyl/LP's being distributed. One is the single release while the other is a club promotional version with house remixes by DJ Fuma and a tech-house mix by Armand van Helden.*

The review writes that the album, Come Closer, will be released on 10 April 2006, three days later than the 7 April date Universal Germany reported on its site, and the official Universal site for Tarkan.

* A German release tracklisting shows Van Helden's version released in the CD single, too.

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