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Thursday, March 23, 2006

What Love is

Love Exhibition

Let me guide you
Through the museums
Of my heart,
Let me show you
My love's history...

Exhibit One:
Love is a look,
Over the years
That never changes.

Exhibit Two:
Love is a melody,
A song you can't run from,
Even if you run from me.

Exhibit Three:
Love is walking a mile everyday
Just to see the girl you love,
And walking home again.

Main Attraction:
Love is me,
A product of all three,
Wishing to tie you down and set you free.


No Way Out

Do you know what love is?
It has confused
Better men than me.

Love is neither fair nor free,
My judge, jury and executioner
How can one power be all three?

Yet, I still submit
My vote willingly.
Admittedly, I'm guilty.

It's my fault
I didn't notice the sign
As I entered love's heart.

It said "No Way Out".

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