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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Live Chat With Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Cover of Tarkan's debut English language album Come CloserWith news of a second single release date for this May, Tarkan fans are complaining about the disapppointing sales of the singer's March single Bounce and initial sales for his April release album Come Closer have not been as high as expected*.

There are fears that it is not a good idea to release the song "Start the Fire" as a second single. Even though some fans like the song, the 80s pop sound doesn't seem to have as wide appeal today as urban beats. A better choice for a commercial release many suggest would be the opening track of the album, "Just Like That"**.

The belief is that Tarkan's management and Universal have made incorrect calculations not only with single releases, but also with promotion and release countries.

Looking at the countries the album has been released to so far, it seems that they made the strategic decision to release the album in German, Turkish and Russian speaking countries***, and many fans are commenting that his music company made a bad choice with Germany.

France may have been a better option, where Tarkan's international success began and where oriental music is appreciated. However, France is not even on Tarkan's agenda for the release of his album. In addition, the song "Bounce" may have been a good choice for the French market, as the youth are accustomed to listening to a mix of oriental melodies and hip hop in the cities, especially Paris.

It seems that even his most objective critics cannot understand the logical reasoning working behind the campaign to re-launch Tarkan on to the international music stage.

Tarkan Live Chat Ad banner at Vaybee!

In the meantime, to correct these mistakes and to get audience perception, Tarkan is appearing on website Vaybee! for a live chat session on April 13, a number which is unlucky for some.

Tell Tarkan this Thursday what you think. Maybe his luck will change.


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* Exact sales figures are not yet known, writer is asserting this from talking to music stores in Germany.
** The writer has come to these conclusions after various chats and discussions with other fans in different forums within the Tarkan community.
*** Information gathered from Tarkan's official site by Universal.

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