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Monday, April 17, 2006

Seeing The Bigger Picture

"Girl with a Backpack" by Kate, writing from Toronto, Canada

Many times we are caught up in a limited view of life. We may become confused, troubled and even angry thinking that Life is unfair to us. We may feel certain in those moments that the problems we face are due to the actions of others and not our own. Is this really so? Can Life be unfair to us? Are others responsible for who we are and where we are in Life and not ourselves? We need to see the bigger picture.To broaden our view we need to look deeper into what Life is really offering us in the many interactions we get drawn into. As we look with the sincere intention of understanding, the meaning and purpose of every event will begin to unfold. Life always opens its doors to the sincere seeker of wisdom who has an intense desire to learn and the patience to wait. We begin to see the Universe taking the role of the Perfect Teacher. Every event we encounter transforms life into a rich learning experience.

Service becomes an opportunity to develop ourselves. In other words, our world really exists for us and our own growth. Life is more about us than others. As we see the gift of learning that Life provides in every situation, including the most challenging ones, only gratitude can fill our hearts. A new person we meet is not a stranger but someone the Universe sends to us for a reason. Illness is not a punishment but an opportunity to develop a closer relationship with our bodies. Food is nourishment we offer our bodies and not just something to appease the appetite. A physically challenged person is an opportunity to extend loving care and not just a burden to bear. A child is a gift of Life, a future leader and not a challenge. A senior is someone deserving of our love and respect having served us and not someone we wish would disappear. A new day is a promise of adventure and not hours of unbearable misery. Sleep is well deserved rest and not wasted time doing nothing.

Certainly, we will find them if we are honest and objective in our looking. We will also see how we attract events in our lives that test our weaknesses and provide rich information about where we are. We also begin to realize that our actions shape our lives and destiny. In this realization the process of positive transformation can begin.We see the opportunities to transform ourselves. As we change intentions, thoughts, feelings and actions we reshape our destiny. We will notice that when we begin the change process, we will see the world differently and the world will treat us differently. Thus the future lies in our hands. We need only to take a deep and sincere look at ourselves, work on our weaknesses and act in harmony with our highest truth.

Note from Kate: Thanks go to my teacher Sri Vasudeva in Trinidad for sharing this writing with me.

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