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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Will the Fire Ever Start?

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

TarkanIt is no secret that Tarkan fans are disappointed. The singer's Bounce single, released on the 24 March 2006, did not manage to reach the top ten, achieving a number fifteen space on the Media Control charts. In other German charts he did not even manage to reach a top twenty position.

It had reached a higher slot in the Dance charts, reaching number five, however it could not sustain this, and fell almost ten spaces in only a short period of seven days.

His album was also released in Germany and a few other countries without much outcry on April 7*, with release dates for other countries pending. So far the album has been released in European continent countries Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Netherlands and Poland.

Tarkan is now trying to amend this by raising the album's promotion across Germany with signing days.

Details released show that Tarkan's second single is to his song "Start the Fire". While some German music sites have stated that this song may be more successful than the oriental heavy "Bounce" and show the true range of music on his album, many fans see this as a very weak song, and have not agreed with the star on this or his other choice of releases.

If the news of the latest single is correct, music commentators and fans are suggesting the possibility that Tarkan will disappoint again.

Single details are as follows:
CD-Title: Start The Fire
Release: 12.05.2006
Format: Maxi Single CD
Genre: Pop international
EAN: 0602498569405
Composer: Josh Schwartz, Tarkan, Brian Kierulf
Label: Universal Germany - Urban (LC 06748)

Track the pre-release history of "Start the Fire" >>


* Note: Some sites are however suggesting that Tarkan's "album is now doing well in several German-speaking countries including Austria and Switzerland".

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