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Friday, May 19, 2006

Paradise Inferno

Sleep is a distant dream
as hearts and hands
move with one motion,
candlelight flickers
playful flushes
chasing shadows
into the crevices
of our bedroom,
the foreign music is low,
as I whisper
translations in your ear,
in-between tender kisses,
and I ask you not to think,
but dream about all
the things we're going to do.

Through me
is the way to heaven and hell,
a paradise inferno,
the gateway to passion,
strokes of moonlight,
stroking the night,
breathlessly rising so high,
tips of clouds that brush the sky
reflect in your eyes
as I pilot our journey home,
where sighs and loud ululations
make us smile, we see stars
in the lowlight of our bedroom,
incessant time ceases,
it can't share our room.

A tumult whirls on, promising forever
in that steamy air, as we move together,
the whirlwind breathes,
pulling us in to a sudden deep
that sucks mind and sanity dry,
we count our heatbeats as we fly,
higher, and higher, and higher still,
to the pinnacle of all hopes,
here death is no more,
pain is just a rumour,
here there is only you-I,
you and I are no more,
as we push the boundaries,
to a music that needs no words,
so high that we pass the sky.

Champagne coloured horizons
culminating in one motion,
dark in light, light in dark,
we celebrate every atom of our being,
overmastering our every sense,
until suddenly, even my steering
can no longer ignore the pull of gravity,
and gently, we begin to fall
as though sleep has seized desire,
deeper we fall,
away from the belly of fire
in which we cradled infant sighs,
yet smiles still remaining,
we land softly,
childish lovers holding hands.

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