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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Tarkan in TimeOut Istanbul

By Ayşe Fevri reporting from Ankara, Turkey

Tarkan at TimeOutTimeOut Istanbul has published an interview with for its May edition (photos by Şenol Altun).

Making the front cover of the magazine, Zeynep Üner's interview with Tarkan spans six pages of intimate banter.

At its online edition, an introductory paragraph introduces the report in the magazine.

Tarkan Struck
If you afraid of getting lost at sea then take Tarkan with you, because someone is sure to find you! Wherever you go, some man, woman or child is sure to approach screaming "Tarkaaaaan!" like a siren. We tried it, we took Tarkan and cast off to sea, but we were found by the paparazzi and by tourist boats...Possibly Tarkan is the only Turkish star who is so 'mega' that he cannot step out into the streets. He is probably the only star that prepares diligently for an inteview beforehand, and is the most hardest to reach...and to face him and stare into his eyes is probably as dangerous as facing down Medusa...(translation by Ali Yıldırım)

TimeOut is a monthly magazine that gives information and reports on monthly events, lodging, and sightseeing in various cities around the globe.

Read the English version of this interview here.

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