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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Tarkan in the Turkish Press

By Ayşe Fevri reporting from Ankara, Turkey

What's in a Kiss?
Tarkan and Bilge kissingPublished on the front page of a few of today's Turkish newspapers is giving his longtime girlfriend lawyer Bilge Öztürk a kiss, after his live appearance on Star TV for the Miss Turkey 2006 contest two days ago.

While a few of the newspapers have reported that this is Tarkan merely trying to disperse the rumours of his sexuality, which has daunted him for years, some newspapers claim that it was just a PR kiss, because "when Tarkan was selling millions he was hiding from the press, now that his new album is selling less, he is in full view of the media" (Akşam).

When the May 1 beauty contest was reported in other papers, Tarkan's appearance was favourably described in the bylines, in respect to his style and energy (Hürriyet).

Yesterday Hürriyet also released news that Tarkan would be appearing on Star TV again, for a series of songs, duets and interviews*.

Earlier last week, Hürriyet supplement Kelebek had detailed Tarkan's angry outburst at reporters on his return to Istanbul from a romantic holiday in Barcelona, Spain. To a question regarding recent harsh criticism of his English language album in the Turkish press, he replied, "Let those that can do better, do better." (29 April 2006)

Tarkan in the press: Hürriyet | Posta | Akşam

* UPDATE: This scheduled show was postponed indefinitely.

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