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Friday, June 30, 2006

The Child Star Inside Me [3]

By İlke Gürman reporting from Istanbul, Turkey, courtesy of Takvim newspaper

Ilke Gurman and Tarkan in MoscowIn the third part of an interview for Turkish newspaper Takvim, İlke Gürman caught up with Tarkan in Moscow recently.

The Child Star Inside Me

It doesn't matter how famous you are nothing can stop the child inside you from bouncing out... Just like Tarkan... The megastar's greatest pastime is to fly kites, and to play with his ducks.

Tarkan and his fansWe're in Russia, thousands of miles away from home. During our walk with Tarkan someone is always stopping him for an autograph. The megastar especially attracts attention from the girls. With his calm and down to earth manner he doesn't say "No" to anyone. One reason for this is the bright impish child inside of him... Look at what the child inside of Tarkan makes him do...

I don't know if it's because you speak to the child inside of you a lot but I heard that in your spare time you fly kites.
Of course hon. I fly kites, I play with the ducks at the ranch farm, I throw them food.

This has nothing to with Russia, I'm mentioning it because I saw it in the newspapers the other day. You're involved in organic farming, is it true?
Me personally?

Yes that you bought some land and had started organic farming.
(Laughs) No, but I am considering that for me, to grow my own tomatoes and peppers in my garden. To take an interest in me. Do you know I've planted some on my balcony? I water tomatoes in the morning. In my shorts, without anyone watching. So what if anyone did see "Tarkan's watering tomatoes," they'll say (laughs). This is how I live dear İlke. I don't like the other way, false people around me, a false world. Constantly looking in the mirror "Oh how fine you are how handsome" I don't live like that.

In one interview you were reported to have said "All my dreams will have come true when I live the country life". Are you really at the point now where you've fulfilled all your dreams? Because you have a ranch farm now.
No, is that what I said. Are you sure? (Laughs)

It's what they wrote at any rate.
Still my greatest wish is to live somewhere like that, among the animals. To plant and sow, make my own bread, have my own outside oven, a clay oven. So I can make bread with tomatoes, olives and sweet basil.

Can you really make that?
Yes I can, I can make anything. (Laughs)

Do you have horses on the ranch?
Yes I have though the stables for my horses are not quite ready yet. They are waiting for me somewhere. To be frank, I do want a life like this in the future.

There's a lot of talk about çekirdek (roasted pumpkin seeds - eaten as a snack) too.
I eat it a lot. Last night Bilge took it away from me. When I eat casual snacks I get angry with myself. This part (shows his belly) gets fat quick. In Turkey that's all they talk about anyway. "Tarkan's fat" they say.

He Didn't Forget Arif Mardin

The megastar didn't forget Arif Mardin either, a man who left his golden stamp on musical history. The famous artist had this to say about Mardin: "The death of Arif Mardin, who placed his mark on American and world music, is a great loss. He was a man whose talent, knowledge and success in projects he undertook set examples for others, is widely accepted as a legend in his field, whose place will not be filled, a doyen, a genius. I send my deepest sympathies to his wife, family and the music world."

Ice Before the Show

You almost give a concert at your rehearsals.
We're always like that. At most of our concerts we have long rehearsals. Just to make certain. So that everything is great, the best. Because people are waiting months for this moment. You have to always strive so that everything is perfect, is as good as it possibly can be.

The time for the concert is almost here and you have a plate of macaroni in your hand...
This is what I eat before every concert, macaroni. Starch energy, sadly, I can't eat fish or meat without risk (at places travelled). I eat ice, yes. Freezing cold. Ice cream, ice.

Emotional Give and Take on Stage

When you look at the audience from the stage you seem to lose yourself. Do you sometimes find it hard to believe?
It's an indescribable feeling. To be honest most times even I'm surprised. Thousands of people wait months for this day, for something which lasts two hours at the most. I get emotional to see myself through their eyes, to see their love for me, to see their energy. And I want to give them back these feelings. I've been to a lot of concerts. Watched a lot of big stars, they don't connect a lot. Maybe you've seen it too. They say "Thank you" at the end and go. I'm talking about non domestic shows. And there are people that complain about that. I like to connect, and to chat.

Pictures courtesy of Takvim.

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