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Friday, June 23, 2006

Eastern Addictions

By Marc Saraceni, reporting from Moscow, Russia

Magazine coverBefore his Moscow outing, Tarkan was interviewed for Russian lesiure magazine Vash Dosug (June 16, 2006, Issue 23), published last week.

Headlined as an "Eastern addiction" that melts the hearts of Russian women, Tarkan answered questions about Russia, women and creativity. Speaking about his other weakness, cars, he explained he was constantly changing automobiles. "I also want a yacht, but I have some time for that yet," he said.

Admitting an hidden addiction for Russian caviar and pancakes, Tarkan revealed his love for Russia and the tremendous love and attention of the Russian fans. When asked about Russian music he replied that he thought "Russia should have won the Eurovision Song Contest this year" and that he was acquainted with Russian pop duo t.A.T.u., having met them in Germany last month.

"If Only You Knew" Song Most Romantic

Suggesting that the song "If Only You Knew" from his debut English language album was the perfect love song for romantic moments, the pop star commented on his favourite subject of women by revealing that the two qualities he looked for most in the opposite sex was intelligence and a sense of humour.

Tarkan also spoke about his relationship to long-time girlfriend Bilge Öztürk - her first name means "wise" in Turkish and she is a lawyer. "We've been together for five years," he said, however not forgetting to add that he doesn't feel ready for marriage - he still has some growing to do.

In response to questions about whether fame had changed him, he replied, "I don't think I've changed a lot in ten years, but you must ask the people around me for the answer to whether I have a big head!"

Favourite Places

In the report, when Tarkan was asked to provide his favourite places in Istanbul to eat, he suggested the expensive Italian resturant Paper Moon at the Akmerkez shopping mall. Explaining that he dined there frequently, he revealed that the atmosphere was great and that "no one bothered him".

The pop star also mentioned the Aşşk Café. "This tremendous place is located directly on coast of Bosphorus. There is an open verandah where you can sit with friends, drink tea and admire the amazing view at the same time," he explained, also remembering to add that the food was very tasty.

In regard to other places, for the first time in an interview Tarkan mentioned his love of Hawaii, and that if he found a suitable home he "wouldn't hesitate to move" there. Explaining that he had fallen in love with the nature of Hawaii, its people, musicality and food, he continued to say, "It's so beautiful and clean. Besides I love the ocean."

English album is a gift to myself

Towards the end of the talk, Tarkan revealed some of his thoughts on creating music.

"Instead of being created from a desire to make money, the song should be made for the soul," he explained. The singer continued that he didn't believe "language plays a large leading role. Music is international, people might not understand the words, but can like the music. When I didn't know English, I still listened to foreign songs. I constantly sang them."

However, Tarkan has always wanted to sing in English, explaining that the album is a gift for himself.

Expressing his faith in the album, Tarkan said, "It's also a good chance to win the love of more people, but I wanted people not only to like the music, but the words of my songs, too."

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