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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Summer Sizzle

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Start The Fire 12 inchSaid to be out this month, the second single from the album Come Closer, "Start the Fire", has been published as a limited edition 12-inch last week on one-sided, red vinyl.

The CD single is yet to be released.

Both the English and German language sections at the official site for the singer give the news that the single will be released in early July - not in June as previously reported.

Urban, a division of Universal Germany has finally updated the CD's availability to show a July 7 release date, but it seems that Urban will continue to be behind the times.

Other music sites have begun reporting that the release date has been moved again, this time to 14 July.

The German language section has also updated their news section today. It reads: (translation by Adelind Osmanlı)

Mousse T's "Start the Fire" mixes have exploded! More and more radio stations are playing the radio track, while in the club, the fire has already broken out, with club mixes. In June, Tarkan is set for some concerts including Moscow and Vienna. In July the second single is released.

Top producer Mousse T, alongside working with Tarkan, has recently worked with Stevie Wonder, Simple Minds and Supermax.

In June and July, Tarkan is also adding up the venues, with his music production company's calendar showing new dates in Turkey, and confirming the news of a Kemer concert.

As all dates are subject to continuous change; the new dates will be published when official sources have verified final start dates. Readers are advised to keep checking Tarkan's official sites at HITT and Universal.

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