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Monday, June 05, 2006

Tarkan at Pole Position

By Murat Gökmen, reporting from Cologne in Germany, courtesy of Hürriyet Kelebek

A car racing show presented by Nazan Eckes and Kai Ebel. Photo: RTL / MenneThe uncrowned queen of German television, RTL's beautiful presenter Nazan Eckes met Turkish star in Istanbul recently. Getting in front of the camera for a guest appearance on Eckes' Formula 1 slot Formel Exclusiv (see top left pic), Tarkan opened up to the pretty presenter. The show will air in Germany in August.

Nazan and TarkanRecording their intimate interview in various places around Istanbul, Eckes talked about her time with the star. "Tarkan dreams of having a family and living at his home ranch. He wants to be a father, and it seems unthinkable for a popstar. He wants to live somewhere in Europe, but he isn't sure of which country that is yet. Of course we'd love him to choose Cologne, but I think the most suitable place for him is London. He confesses that even though he has so many fans, he can't help feeling alone."

Revealing her admiration for Tarkan, Eckes also confessed that she enjoys listening to his English songs and that another co-presenter, Hape Kerkeling for the show "Let's Dance", is a big fan, and had wanted to see the star as a contestant on the show.

The Formel Exclusiv interview will be broadcast in Germany before the Istanbul leg of the race starts on 27 August.

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