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Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Tarkan Bilge Sees [2]

By İlke Gürman reporting from Istanbul, Turkey, courtesy of Takvim newspaper

Ilke Gurman and Tarkan in MoscowIn the second part of an interview for Turkish newspaper Takvim, İlke Gürman caught up with Tarkan in Moscow recently.

The Tarkan Bilge Sees

Once the concert's over and the lights go off, the megastar takes off his mantle of fame and puts it aside. That's when the Tarkan with problems, faults and bad moods comes into play. The famous artist says, "Only Bilge can see me like this. She is very special to me."

Tarkan in MoscowWe're walking the mystical streets of Moscow...I ask, he responds...The megastar continues to share things he hasn't shared with anyone until now... Is he thinking of marriage with Bilge, how does he ignore all the criticisms? So here are Tarkan's unknown traits and the answers every one wants to know...

You don't speak out a lot in Turkey. It'd be too much for anyone. Don't you ever say "Oh let me just speak out and end it"?
I say that but they stop me. "Oh, it's not worth it," they say. No, I'm only joking. I'm trying to accept everything the way it is. I'm always trying to do my best in life. Whatever anyone says. And it's not possible to please every one in life. I have to please myself first. I'm proud of the works I've done. Whatever I do. I develop myself so I can do more, I'm learning. But aside from that; he said that, she said this, they didn't like be frank I do get angry sometimes, I'm human too. But I don't worry about it.

You give out positive energy all around you. To what do you owe this?
I don't know, it's just something in my nature. Maybe I have a different outlook on life. I owe it to that. Fame, family set-up, family, love, I try to look at every thing in a happier, more positive, better way. I feel I owe it to living a simple life as possible. I don't like showy, exaggerated lifestyles.

Possibly the people around you have an influence too?
There is, the team I work with share the same outlook on life. You know them too now.

I think especially Bilge is like that. It seems to me that Bilge's very accepting.
It's because she can see that, that we're together. She saw the real me. The famous Tarkan is the real me too, but there is another world there. You dress up, jazz up, go out on stage. On the other side with my faults, problems, bad moods, she sees my everything. From here I can shout out to the whole of Turkey, she is a very special person. I get emotional just by saying that. It's enough that we know. Because everyone just writes anything they want to.

So does Bilge get upset with the things written?
Yes she gets very hurt. Her eyes fill up, and I feel real bad. "This isn't me, but they write like this, see me this way," she says. Anyway... People do wrong now, everyone writes what they want to very easily. Let them think first we're human too. The child inside of us at the very least gets hurt. "Hey this isn't me, why do they say that," it says. We spend the time trying to inspire the child inside of us, "Oh darling come here let me see," we say.

Can you cook?
Yes I can, you know?

No. I'm just learning this now.
Really? Hey OK we make dinner together one day. I'm serious. My dad used to make mıhlama (a dish of pastrami, onions and eggs). That's stuck in my mind a bit. To answer your question, to be honest I think that every day our dreams change a little, or our goals, our ambitions. Now I want to build a house there and create my own free space. Because my life is hard. As you can see. At the very least for a person to be creatively productive he has to live somewhere he can be happy. After that I have things to do. I mean it's not that, it's not a ranch farm, these are the very least of my dreams. No no, there are new things to do.

Bilge is the girl I'll definitely marry...

Tarkan and BilgeAre you seriously considering marrying Bilge? You are, will it be tomorrow?
When we're ready. But she is truly my partner in life. She sees it that way too. And if I do get married it could only be with her. Truly only with her. We want to start a family one day, we want to have children. I'll be a great dad (laughs). Honestly I'll be a great dad, because I am a sensitive guy. I don't know, I'd bring them up with good intent, with love. Apart from that, we're all going to make mistakes.

TarkanAren't you afraid of losing popularity one day?
Nooo, because I'm always hard on myself. Every time I appear somewhere I'm always ridiculing myself. Maybe I owe being positive to that. I see famous people or people that haven't adjusted to fame. And they punish themselves in the worst way. By giving in to their egos and selfishness. I say "I must do better" after every success. "Get up, carry on, you're not at the top, walk on, you've still got a long way to go," I say.

Pictures courtesy of Takvim.

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