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Friday, August 04, 2006

Empty Hands

Love Was Here

Love grew here
across a fertile soulscape once,
seed and soil in bloom,
a nectar wetness merging,
dripping on the tips of senses,
gardened under moonhaze
we planted forevergreen trees.

Love lay here,
nature's scent making us dare all
in a breathless dark once,
cultivated by nightshadows
flowerbuds opened wider,
passiondew shine reflected
brighter than daylight.

Love lived here
in our linear existence once,
bodies in harmonious ebb,
a sourceflow of truth
deep inside me, deep in you,
shining stronger than the sun.

Love was here,
graffitied all over our heartwalls
promising soul salvation,
encasing minds outside reason,
but leaving barren memories
once it was done.


The Smallest Hands

if I cry
these tears,
what use are they?
where do they fall
but on empty palms,
rain's smallest hands
what do they carry
pain or passion?
whom do they release,
me or you,
or luggage emotions?
who do they cry for,
the child
we'll never have,
the undying love
we've turned our backs on,
or the death of sleep?

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