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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Five Turkish Things

Did you know that...

  • Zsa Zsa Gabor...Hungarian-American actress and socialite Zsa Zsa Gabor in her autobiography claims her love life began at an early age in Istanbul? Reportedly she found first love in the 1930s with an affair with the fifty-one-year-old soldier and statesman Kemal Atatürk, to whom she lost her virginity at the age of fifteen. Her first husband, writer and diplomat Burhan Belge, was also Turkish.

  • Young and Restless logo...before hip hop artist Wyclef tried wrapping vocal cords around the Turkish language, there was American actor Michael Damien? Better known for his role as Danny Romalotti in the long-running US TV drama "The Young and the Restless", Damien released the duet "Don't Make Me Wait/Bekletme" with female pop singer Pınar Aylin in 1998. They filmed a music video together, too.

  • Portrait of Mehmed II...that flower power was alive and well in Ottoman times? The Turks love of flowers is so well documented that even the conquering sultan of Constantinople, Mehmed II, preferred to have his portrait depicted not with obvious 15th century military symbols, but the humble rose. It is also a rare example of human portraits being depicted in Islamic art, which is usually abstract or decorative due to religious grounds.

  • One of many posters by USA to sell the Marshall Plan in Europe...the European Recovery Program (ERP) of the United States for rebuilding the allied countries of Europe and repelling communism after World War II, known as the Marshall Plan, included Turkey?

  • Portrait of Mehmed II...Turkey's sophisticated cuisine offers at least 40 ways to cook an eggplant and that "Yogurt" is a Turkish word, one of the most famous Turkish contributions to world cuisine? Yogurt made its way north to Bulgaria and Eastern Europe during the Ottoman occupation.

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