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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Harbour of Dreams

Touching a Monsoon Sky

let's say,
meditatively swaying
as the night-lights make love,
moon and stars in romantic collusion
I wished for you,
as shadows collide
and fall into my room,
tripping up a gentle breeze,

and let's say
I tried to climb to mountain high
thoughts of you,
but fear pulls me low,
as low as the dirt,
as low as longing,
which can't hide
when it walks with your stride,

so let's say
I've looked for sustenance
in bone dry rivers,
scarred for life and
throat burning scarlet,
a just punishment
for failing to reach out on tiptoe
and bravely touch a monsoon sky.


Naming Desire

The tide is up tonight
straddling an expectant ocean,
horizons melt as inner seas sing
with naming desire,
imagination overflows the brim
as though the sun,
in league with the night,
has come to do its own thing,
a watery paradise where
sweat devours
all opportunity of walking away,
timidity cowers against
rising floodgates
gurgling at opening brooks,
pushing, pulsing, parting
peaks of white salty waves,
shyness is washed away
swallowing our daytime guises,
while the gentleman sea
makes no complaint at our strokes
against the wrasse and silver seamoss,
rhythmic pleasures erect
little peaks and troughs in the sand,
glittering signs of two becoming one
along a disappearing coastline.


Where You'll Find Me

If you're caught under the rain,
look for me in the falling raindrops,
as you break off into a run
narrowly making it
to the front door of your house,
that's where you'll find me.

If you happen to be lost,
look for me in all the helpful signs,
and suddenly finding
your way back home,
hopes shining leaf green after the rain,
that's where I'll be too.

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