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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Unbroken Links

We Were Kings

Oh Love,
remember how
she filled out our absence
with her presence,
from little boys
made us men

remember how
she nurtured passion we planted,
we grew inside her
empassioned crowns

remember how
we were kings once,
of a land called joy.


Knock, Knock

I knock on love's door,
"Who is it?" it answers,
"Me," I reply,
but love doesn't open.

I knock on love's door again,
"Who is it?" it answers,
"You," I reply this time,
and love opens...



I searched everywhere
for you,
in the rustle
of changing seasons,
in the lightplay
found on the cusp
of dark oceans,

but isn't it always the way?
we look everywhere
but where we should
until the last,
and I found you there -
where I thought I'd lost you -
waiting in my heart.


You Said

You said
you don't need me,
but I hear you cry for me
everyday -
or is that me?

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