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Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Few Days

we baptised memories
in a font of flame,
those few days
constantly burning
hungry wicks
in our temples of

a fourth dimension
added to everything
by association
to you,

made every little
word greater
by a prefix to
those few days
with you,

whispered breath

on skin sublime,
caressing necks,
naked eyes,
baby nude thoughts

ran laughing,
we did everything -
we did this here,
we walked here,

we broke rules
that tried to stop us,
wrote new ones,
we grew dreams
with the sun dew,
unmuted passion
until the sunrise,
crowed with the cockcrow,

lit up with the light
honey hue of sweat
on bodies
fabricated into
a home for two,

bedroom walls
with blending
we crossed borders
of every variety,
we were magnets
to every stare,

aphrodite's children
with no care

for the world,
and when you left,
I realised I'd finally
found you,
and I called you my love
and read the knowledge
in your eyes
that in a few days

we'd had the world.

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