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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Look Back in Wonder

If time travel is made possible in the distant future, what will future people travelling to these 'barbaric times' make of recent news headlines?

Will the selective journalism regarding people's misfortunes paint a less than pretty picture about our humanity in this decade?

Bush's policies have been criticisedWill future readers be sympathetic to US President George W Bush, who has acknowledged the existence of secret CIA prisons across the globe on the eve of the 9/11 attacks five years on? Or will news that the death toll of American soldiers in the Middle East has equalled the deaths in the September attacks add dramatic irony? In stark contrast, the number of Iraqi civilian dead reached 43,846 in August and continues to rise, with the violence threatening to destroy Iraq.

Arguably, not quite the legacy Bush was planning for all those that lost their lives in New York and Washington.

Continuing to capture the attention of the Western press far more than any single death of innocent Iraqi or Lebanese civilians are the harrowing stories of recently freed Austrian teenager held captive for eight years, who has given her first TV interview since escaping and the surprise death of a nature lover captioned as Australia's favourite son.

It seems that in selling papers, some deaths are more newsworthy than others.

Shallowness of another form rears its head in the news, too. Searching for youth elixirs also top the 'humanistic' agenda it seems, with news about wonder fruit, 'gym' pills and anti-ageing drugs all doing the rounds.

Looking at what makes the news, will future people simply look back in wonder at how the human race survived at all?

Picture courtesy of BBC News.

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