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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Magenta Gardens

I am searching
with the early twilight,
iridescent fires sleep
in feet that walk the streets,
this body will not lie down
without you,

my mind roams
magenta gardens where
we planted kisses for flowers
on earth more fertile
than any soil,
there are no edges to our borders

when each window opens
from one mind to another,
there are no walls, there's no need
for fitting doors, or a lock
when the sun and the earth
lie side by side.

Wherever we are:
in these gardens of desire
I'm always with you,
where good things grow in me,
I can smell your perfume
rise from the roots

of branches that
you've turned into fruit,
dancing with the blossom and air,
bringing our petals to thirst
for the taste of the other,
we'll make nectar from rain,

and when we are no more,
here we'll be fragrant flowers,
there in the branches
filled with promises of spring,
of sweetness and pleasure, and listen
to passion ripening in the leaves.

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