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Monday, September 04, 2006

Thoughts on Love, Friendship and Koray's Hair

"Cultural Mosaics" by Timi, writing from Kisvárda, Hungary

The Internet is a useful thing. I thank God for it. Thanks to this device of communication, I've met people I wouldn't ever have had the chance to meet otherwise.

I happened to meet one of my best friends online. Her name is Sevda (Love) and she lives in Bursa. We talk every single evening. From the beginning we felt as if we had known each other for a thousand years, at least.

She sent me a song called "Ayrı Ayrı", performed by Turkish rock group Kargo. This song belongs to the category of a very few number of songs that can make me cry. Because it is about separation. Love separated. When I listen to this song, I think about all the people I am separated from because of the distance. The people I've left in Turkey and miss so much. Sometimes the feeling becomes unbearable, beacuse I am sure now that I do not belong to the place I live in. I belong to those people in Turkey.

Album cover to Sevmek ZorAnyway what I wanted to talk about is the song and a sudden thought that connects it to Koray Candemir, the lead singer for Kargo. If you have a chance to find Kargo's album entitled Sevmek Zor (Loving is Hard), don't miss this song. Lyrics were written by Mehmet Şenol Şişli, music was composed by Serkan Çeliköz.

I have translated the lyrics into English. It is so unbelievably powerful, no wonder why Şişli is an acknowledged poet.


We are like two poems apart
Describing separation,
Like two separate rivers,
We are like two islands apart
Separated by the waves,
Like two captives apart.

Now close your window,
Look at the stars,
Only the sky remains in the morning
When the clouds disperse.

Make up your mind and leave,
I beg you never look back,
Only lies will remain in the morning... for you

We are like two shadows apart
Passing each other by,
Like two separate secrets,
We are like two different faiths,
Like two separate nations
Destroyed in war

While I was listening to this song, a picture came into my mind, of Koray Candemir, the singer of the band, blessed with a powerful, beautiful voice. For those, who have never seen him, it must be said that he is a very handsome man, with hazel eyes and raven black hair. Recently Sevda, who is a big fan of Kargo and knows them personally, has sent me a photo she took of Koray not long ago. I was in a shock for long minutes. Koray's raven hair has turned almost white (photo courtesy of! First I thought he had it dyed, but according to Sevda it just turned grey all of a sudden.

I was wondering what could have happened to a 32-year-old man with a soul of iron (Candemir literally means "iron soul") that made him turn grey in such a short period of time. Is love, love-sickness or separation of love capable of having such an effect? Listen to "Ayrı Ayrı" and decide for yourself...

Album sleeve for Sevmek Zor courtesy of

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