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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Comedy of Desires

will you choose pride;
a foolish architect
building decadent
picturehouses -
faded film noirs
playing to
a seating room
for one,

or self-respect;
a printing house
with mutual love
its main headline -
promises edited
by honest hearts
who never sacrifice
the truth?

will you choose jealously;
a fickle scriptwriter
sometimes providing
a drama of fire -
carnival mirrors of
tragic distortions
unfunny and wan,

or trust;
a crowning laurel
weaved from green
crowns of thorns -
a bandage for
minds impressed
to bleed
out all faith?

will you choose anger;
a hostile takeover
with ransomed tears
fleeing -
emotions moving
to neighbourhoods
at the end
of everything,

or patience;
a coolant for
tempest winds
that threaten to
storm fragile ships -
allowing fleets
dotting the turbulent
blue to sail safely home?

will you choose these
comedy of desires
or will you choose me?

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