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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Secret Travellers

a resonating night rouses me
like a half-drunk lover
trying to escape before twilight,
slowly sight strengthens and I uncover,
my feet reach out for cooler climates
as swelling desires begin to flower
in the desert of my bed,

greeting a still-born silence
I stand up to resist arousal
swiming inside an ocean of me,
loneliness clings to my skin,
a sweat-soaked shirt of dread
giving a sudden chill to body
memories succumbing deeper still,

remembering stolen passion on
hidden ships where moonlight dips
in regular meetings lost at sea,
sunrise signals secret travellers,
and purple-pink heads of nebula
torch the waters of the sky
guiding their way home,

while stars drown in fading dark
curtain-edges of a horizon
shimmering with first light,
at daybreak love untimely runs away,
and heartache poisons sleep-steads lost
wishing for a sun that filled not
emptied lovers' beds at dawn's riposte.

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