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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tarkan Shakes Independence Square

By Oksana Rudiuk, reporting from Kiev, Ukraine

life:) logoMobile services operator life:) impressed the inhabitants and guests of Ukraine's capital Kyiv (Kiev) with an electrifying open-air show on the main square of the city.

The operator invited world famous pop star Tarkan to perform for Ukrainians and for an hour and a half the large capacity audience enjoyed one of the brightest world's performers completely for free.

The concert took place on the 30th of September at Maidan Nezalegnosti, (Independence Square) and gathered around 130,000 people. Tarkan performed his world known hits like "Bu Gece", "Şıkıdım", "Ölürum Sana" as well as the songs from the new album released in April 2006, Come Closer.

The concert impressed the audience with an energetic and memorable stage show which was fueled by the boundless Tarkan's charisma.

The Ukraine press hailed it as the largest crowd to gather at the Independence Square since the Orange Revolution and 2004 Eurovision song contest winner Ruslana's manager, Gela Tauda, described a "fantastic crowd reaction".

Tarkan commented about his visit to Ukraine: "I was very happy being in Ukraine again, singing and dancing with these beautiful people. This concert has been one of the biggest in my tour story and I am really impressed by the enthusiasm of the audience. They were very warm. I definitely want to come back".

This is the second time in the history of Ukraine that life:) mobile services operator has organized a free open air concert for all of Ukraine. Its parent company Astelit was named the world's best new company by the prestigious World Business Awards - the Stevie® Awards.

You can read the official press release about Tarkan's concert here.

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