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Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Bad Week

The news barometer that measures humankind?s great successes and even greater failures never stops ticking, particularly while George W Bush continues to stalk the earth.

The latest round-up features a bad week for some:

It's been a bad week for George W Bush: A survey in UK newspaper Guardian asked British people who they believed was the greatest threat to world peace. President Bush outpolled North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il and Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmedinejad and was only a few percentage points behind Osama Bin Laden.

It's been a bad week for Saddam Hussein: The former leader of Iraq has been sentenced to death by hanging for crimes against humanity. The timing of the death verdict comes days before the US votes in mid-term elections.

It's been a bad week for Western Europe: A group of children selected by Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime with the aim of creating an Aryan master race has met openly for the first time as adults, while millions were left without electricity on Saturday night. An overload in Germany's power network triggered outages leaving blackouts that left swathes of West Europe without energy.

It's been a bad week for Britain: While reports claim that children in Britain are among the most lazy and anti-social in the world due to a lack of family values, a month after ex-foreign secretary Jack Straw suggested that Muslim women remove their veils backed by some Christian clerics, it seems to have had the opposite impact.

It's been a bad week for Palestinians: Israeli forces have killed at least seven people including a 12-year-old girl in air raids and incidents during an ongoing offensive in Gaza. The deaths bring the number of those killed since Wednesday to at least 42.

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