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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Dubai Concert: The Untold Story

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

News just in to Tarkan Deluxe reveals another side to Tarkan's recent successful concert in the Emirates.

The untold story is the one behind the scenes of Tarkan's acclaimed live performance in Dubai. It is alleged that due to the mistakes of one promoter, the event was almost cancelled at the last minute.

The artist management M&M Entertainment booked Tarkan for Bigfoot Entertainment and the inside story from the CEO of M&M outlines that without their personal efforts Tarkan in Dubai could have remained a dream. For the sake of M&M's reputation and credibility with Tarkan's management, they tried to cover up the mistakes of Bigfoot as much as they could, until Tarkan finished his show.

According to the CEO, Tarkan and his management did the show only because of the CEO's professionalism to ensure everything went to plan, and had he not done so the show would have been cancelled the minute Tarkan's management arrived - because no one went to pick them up from the airport, and this was Tarkan's first time in Dubai.

Tarkan Deluxe contacted Bigfoot Entertainment and invited them to give their side of the story, but they declined to comment on the matter.

Disaster Masters

Tarkan in DubaiWhen the CEO arrived to the venue early morning on Thursday, November 9, he was reportedly faced with disasters. Most importantly the backstage was unprepared, catering for the people who were working on the rehearsal for Tarkan had not arrived on time and some of the backstage artist requirements were unavailable, because the offending organiser was supposedly trying to cut costs.

The CEO and his assistant claim they attempted to have everything ready on time for the concert, but there was a lack of staff or helpers to manage. At the same time, the man from Bigfoot was away dining, and not responding to his calls. Things slowly began to take shape with their efforts, until they discovered the main disaster: there was no quick change room for Tarkan. A quick change room is a second dressing room for the artist between songs, which is the most important factor of the entire stage build-up as the artist was performing live.

Finally getting in touch with "Mr. Bigfoot", the excuses he gave to the CEO of M&M was that he did not know about a second room, when in fact it is claimed that it was clearly stated in the artist's technical rider. However, by this time there was no time to argue and the CEO tried to find a solution to this major technical hitch.

No Quick Change

Yet, when Tarkan's management arrived the singer's quick change room was not ready. It was they who finally managed to make the quick change room from scratch, buying mirrors and stands for the room, while the CEO called his own people to help. With joint efforts the quick room was made ready for the artist.

On Tarkan's arrival to the venue for his rehearsal, the CEO and his assistant were again faced with problems, as nothing from Tarkan's technical rider for this stage of the event was ready, either.

Reportedly the artist's towels that were to have been next to the stage were not there, as Mr Bigfoot forgot to provide them. The CEO managed to get the hotel, Hyatt Regency, to bring the towels half an hour before the show started.

Checking Out

Tarkan and his management were supposed to leave Dubai at 5am and had to check out from the hotel at 2.30am from Hyatt Regency, but again it is suggested that as a result of the offending promoter's mistakes, plans were met with near disaster.

After a near catastrophic day, at two-thirty in the morning the CEO went to the hotel to check on the artists and their group, to ensure that everything was going according to plan this time. He arrived to see the artist and his entire management and crew in the lobby ready to check out. However, according to the CEO the first surprise was that there were no cars except the technician's van to take the team to the airport. When the CEO called Mr Bigfoot, his answer was allegedly that the drivers were "somewhere outside".

While the CEO sent one of his men to look for the cars, another problem arose. The hotel would not allow the group to check out because the food payments had not cleared. The CEO was surprised because the contract clearly stated that Bigfoot was responsible to pay for all the food and accommodation of the group. Mr Bigfoot's answer was allegedly that he had ordered his people not to check them out until they clear their payments, hinting that now the show was over, he "didn't care".

Embarrassed in front of Tarkan's management, the CEO claims he was hysterical and started yelling in the middle of the hotel to the sound of which everyone, including the hotel management, came down to see what the problem was. He found one of the girls who was working part-time for Bigfoot lying to the hotel management, telling them not to let the group leave until they clear the food payment, that it was not a money problem but that this is the norm with artists, contract-wise. The CEO warned that he would inform the police because as per the contract Bigfoot was responsible for everything.

Two minutes later, Mr. Bigfoot called his girls and told them that Bigfoot is fully responsible for the payments and to checkout the artists immediately. After all, he is reported to have said, "it was a good show".

This story has also been released at the DubaiDJs Forum.

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