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Monday, November 20, 2006

Sales Disappoint, Tarkan Doesn't

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan in HamburgTarkan gave two concerts last week, and though ticket sales were disappointing, Tarkan's performances were as successful as ever.

The singer appeared in Hamburg, Germany, on November 17 and on the following evening he performed live for fans in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Once again the turnout at the German concert was disappointing. News reports confirm a figure of 4,000 German and Turkish fans that made their way to hear Tarkan sing at the Color Line Arena, which has a capacity of almost 13,000 people. It had been eight years since Tarkan last performed in Hamburg.

Fans emailing into Tarkan Deluxe have described a successful concert, with an energetic performance given by the singer. Being the consumate professional as always, Tarkan performed to the small house as though it were a packed audience, singing a mixed repertoire of Turkish and English songs.

As with the Dortmund concert, complaints were made about a lack of good organisation, with rumours circulating that the concert was to be cancelled at the last minute. Reports have also come in revealing that Tarkan and his team were distant with the media, and the scheduled meet and greet in Hamburg was cancelled, with organisers citing fear of "crowd control".

Dropped from six venues to two, with appearances only in Dortmund and Hamburg, it seems that Tarkan's German concerts have not been a major success.

Tarkan was to have initially started his Live in Germany series of concerts in Munich, but this was cancelled along with three other dates due to what the singer himself and his PR team had cited as a recurring knee problem, but what other sources claimed to be due to a lack of ticket sales due to high prices.

In Denmark, the ticket sales were better. In an area that has a maxium capacity of 7,000 people, an estimated 4,000 fans turned up at Brøndby Hallen on November 18 to see Tarkan's acclaimed live performance, which lasted over two hours. Even though the turnout wasn't at full capacity, it was the largest concert ever given by a Turkish performer in Copenhagen.

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