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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Tarkan: The Next Elvis

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Nazan ÖncelSpeaking to Köksal Baltacı in Austria, the Turkish reporter of Austrian newspaper Neue Zeitung für Tirol, female singer Nazan Öncel commented about Tarkan.

Having just released her 2006 Turkish album, the Turkish singer-songwriter explained that she felt Tarkan had been let down by Turkish American music producers Ahmet Ertegün and the late Arif Mardin, who passed away last summer.

"They were supposedly at the centre of things, but Tarkan has struggled on his own. He worked very hard, and they never supported him. I still believe he can be the next Elvis Presley. But someone has to get quickly get behind him and soon."

The writer of such Tarkan hits as "Dudu" and "Hüp", for Tarkan's later albums Öncel had indirectly replaced the creative absence of Sezen Aksu, when the diva and Tarkan fell out after a 1997 dispute.

Allegedly fiercely competitive with Aksu, it was reported that Öncel's working relationship with Tarkan had become strained over the news that Aksu was partnering up with Tarkan for a new Turkish language album, news of which Tarkan had revealed while in Dubai.

Öncel had signed with Tarkan's production company HITT, which published her previous 2004 album, in which Tarkan made an appearance. She left HITT, however, and her 2006 album was released under a different label.

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