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Friday, November 17, 2006

Your Say, Again

Now it's time for Tarkan fans to have a say on the blog again. I give responses where appropriate.

Ana-Maria G, Bucharest, in Romania writes:

I read Tarkan Deluxe since August this year. Honestly, I read it especialy because of Tarkan, but I like your blog, too. My English is not very good but I understand the most part of it.

I don't like the fact that lately you write too little about Tarkan, I need more news. It is easy to find out news about him in Turkish on internet, but in English... I don't speak Turkish at all.

On peak days, I have over three hundred people visit my site. Over a hundred subscribers come to the blog as a podcast via the iTunes Store in the UK (free of charge). Ultimately I write for myself and it would be unrealistic to try and comply with every reader's wish, but it would be wrong to ignore that certain visitors undoubtedly come for information about Tarkan.

So, even though the focus of this blog has changed throughout the years, I do still try to provide Tarkan fans with an English source about the singer and the blog manifesto that controls all my Tarkan blogs is still in force.

In terms of news, I can only provide what there is, and even Tarkan in a TV interview during his recent Dubai concert complained that 99% of most of the "news" about him is false. At the blog, the aim is to provide news that is trustworthy. Sometimes, we get it wrong. Sometimes we get it right. Sometimes we even get exclusives.

I'm not here to translate every bit of gossip that circulates about Tarkan in the Turkish press, or to provide transcripts of every columnist in Turkey that mentions Tarkan. Fans around the world email me news, I print those I can independently verify or think is of value, and try to give a balanced view of the latest developments in Tarkan's career. Take note, I do not usually give space to sensationalist news about his lovelife or personal life. Even if not every fan's main concern is his music, it is the main concern of this blog - and not where he spends the night. Therefore this means that at Tarkan Deluxe you'll have to be happy with quality over quantity.

I do understand, however, that you find a lot of information in Turkish and naturally you want to know what it's all about. You can always email me, and when I have free time I will gladly help you, or the alternative - and much better solution - is to become part of the Tarkan community. There are many fans who will be only too happy to help you get closer to Tarkan.

See also: Where can I find up-to-date information about Tarkan?


An email from Janet Villarreal, California, USA:

I just want to congratulate you for such a wonderful website you have. I got in there looking for Tarkan's songs translations and I ended up reading your poems. I also saw your profile and it look to me that you have very various interests and a sensitive soul. I just want to thank you again for your website, and encourage you to keep it updated.

Thanks Janet, but I don't have a sensitive soul, really. Just sensitive aspirations, though like most of the human race, I fail miserably at their upkeep. I hope to get a little better each year.


Michelle P., Washington State, in the USA writes,

I have been reading through the mountains of information you have on your blog and I just have to say, WOW! And thank you. It is very amazing to me all that you have provided - and SO organized! Thank you for taking your precious time to report and for always being positive in the way that you present your info. I regard you as an upstanding, valuable resource because of this. It is extremely heartwarming to know that there is someone that cares enough to take his time to make sure that only the best, most supportive, and true (to the best of your ability) information is being circulated. I know I appreciate it, and I know there are hundreds if not thousands of others that read your blog and feel the same.

Please keep up with the terrific work you are doing. It is inspiring to know that there is someone like you out there.


An email from Carla Machado, Portugal:

Thank you for the Tarkan translations lyrics. Very nice!


Stephen Hull, Devon, in UK writes:

I came across your site searching through a UK blog rss aggregator by chance in 2005 and have been an avid reader ever since. I didn't know who Tarkan was until your blog, but now I do! And I have to admit that now I'm a fan! Thanks for widening my horizons.


An email from John Buzás, Budapest, Hungary:

Maybe, you are very surprised when you read my e-mail.I think you get a lot of e-mails from ladies. You help me a lot. My congratulations to you. I found your website, where I can read Tarkan's songs. Many thanks to you. The translation was a good idea. I can read these songs either Turkish or English and learn a lot about them. I wish you the best.


Ty Hossam, in Lebanon writes:

I just found out from a Tarkan forum that you helped change the AMG review about Tarkan's Come Closer. This is a very big thing to me, and I think you did Tarkan a very big help! I have looked through all your blog, but you never mention you do this? How did you do it? I would like to know, please. And why do not you boast? I would, you know!

Well, you've just done it for me, thank you. The background to the story is this: At the behest of a fan who wrote to me, I checked out her complaint of the review. Very rarely would I ever intervene in such circumstances, as a review is someone's own view and I don't see why I should try and change or alter that. However, in this case I believed that the fan was right in her complaint.

The original review claimed that the song "Start the Fire" was a "rip-off" of a George Michael song.

I contacted AMG and put my case forward. The problem as I saw it was not the critique itself, but the choice of words used. In my opinion, it was language unsuitable for a review and a surprising choice of words for an editor to use (i.e. rip-off). Indeed, people could also be led to believe that Tarkan "stole" a song. Quite rightly they usually do not alter reviews, but AMG happened to agree with me on this and without setting a precedent decided to change it per my suggestions.


An email from Wendy Sheets, USA:

Thanks for translating Şıkıdım. I fell in love with this song years ago, but I didn't know the singer or what the words meant. I thought it was the sexiest song I had ever heard, and that was before I even knew the translation! I am now a big Tarkan fan. He has the sexiest voice I've ever heard.


Farhat Mirza, in Canada writes,

I randomly stumbled onto your blog one rainy Sunday night, and I just wanted to comment on how I find your blogs highly entertaining, and also commend you on the great work you do for Tarkan. He is more than just another pop star, but a cultural icon. My good friend had the opportunity to put together a Tarkan concert in Dubai by contacting his production company HITT. She had the opportunity to just hang out with him, and his level of sincerity and 'down to earthed'ness" (if that can even be a word) was incredible. I have a whole new level of respect for that man.


An email from Hermann Luyken, in Germany:

Your site is great. But the small town of Alzey is not in Hessen. It is in Rheinland-Pfalz (Rhineland-Palatinate). Greetings from Germany.

Thank you so very much for your feedback and pointing out the inaccuracy in the Tarkan documentary Making Moves, which has undergone a complete re-write.

I had always put it as "near Frankfurt" in the documentary before, but as it was reported as "Hessen" at TV Total's website - and also mentioned in Stefan Raab's interview with Tarkan - I had changed it without checked some geographical sources first before publishing. I've amended it again.

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