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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Secret of the Tree

Groves were God's first temples,
so well knows the sturdy tree,
but does not boast;

it silently sinks roots
deeply into the earth,
simply absorbing God

by accepting the rain
and reaching out to the sun
that flows towards it,

it uses what comes its way
to nurture itself;

a time-perfected creation,
a knot of roots, deep and strong
planted in an establishment
of seasons, dependent

on earth and air and sun,
on rain and dew,

it uses its given due,
to fill the world with
fruit and flower and God,

rooted in earth yet
it touches the sky -
this is the secret
of the tree

that we cut down,
so we can boast out
our secrets on paper,
and decorate our festivities.

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