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Friday, December 22, 2006

Tarkan Support for Helsinki Bid

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan speaking at airportOn his way to a London trip with long-time girlfriend Bilge Öztürk, Tarkan has voiced his support for musician friend Kenan Doğulu's plans for the Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki for 2007.

Waiting at Istanbul's Atatürk Airport due to delays caused by London's fog chaos, Tarkan explained to reporters that he had discussed the issue with pop singer Doğulu.

"Because we're friends we've talked about it. I support him. If he gets a very good result it may be a way to Europe for him. He wants that too. We have to support each other in the music sector. Sertab sang in English too. Maybe there could be a mix, English-Turkish. We have some very memorable and beautiful Turkish words."

Kenan Doğulu is one of the most popular musicians in the last ten years of the Turkish music scene and next year has the opportunity to represent his country at the 52nd Eurovision Song Contest in Finland. He recently made a comeback to the Turkish pop scene with his Sezen Aksu signature song "Çakkıdı" from his 2006 album Festival, becoming an immediate summer hit.

There has been widening criticism by the Turkish media for his insistence on singing in English and for his acceptance to represent the Turkish bid, as the competition is widely regarded as a platform for amateur singers. Sertab Erener - another icon of Turkish pop - won the Eurovision for Turkey in 2003 by singing a song with English lyrics.

Baby Joy in 2008?

Turkey's music superstar also took time to sign autographs for fans and take pictures, and expressed that he wanted to start a family. Revealing that this could happen as early as 2008, when asked whether he wanted a boy or a girl, his girlfriend said it didn't matter as long as it was healthy.

Tarkan smiled and said, "One of each."

There has been much speculation in Turkey about the status of Tarkan and his girlfriend, but many believe they will get married if they have children.

Picture courtesy of the Doğan News Agency.

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