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Friday, December 01, 2006

Tempting Words

A Wish List

I want you to be a mountain
to lean back and
feel you protect me
when the seas get too rough

moutains are hard to reach
let me be a boat for you
to crawl inside
and rock to safety

I want you to be a dog
a devoted hound that rips
the foliage of the sky
when you walk by my side

dogs are easy to tame
and bark at a mere noise
l'll be a lion that waits
to roar with royal poise

I want you to be my hero
with arms strong enough
to hold me when I cry
and to carry me when I fall

true heroes have stronger hearts
that hold and carry you
constantly night and day
so that you'll never fall


Temptation of Words

when you ask if I love you
the question mark

leaves splinters
embedded deep

in the thumb of my mind,
needling small things hurt,

when we give in to the

of unnecessary words.
Never ask if I love you,

only ask
how much I do.

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