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Monday, January 08, 2007

The Broken Watch

I once remember watching a boy who, with the best of intentions, was trying to fix a broken watch. Childishly, he thought the way to do it was to take the whole thing apart - however, he soon realised that he couldn't put it back together again.

Recently, especially with Saddam Hussein's hasty execution, the situation in Iraq keeps bringing to mind that child trying to fix the broken watch and ending up with a larger mess on his hands.

It seems that no amount of skill can mend this particular broken watch, and time is running out for Iraq.

Anyone who has read my blog in the past few years, or has trawled through its archives, will know a little about my views on the war in Iraq.

A little savage, a little savant, Mr George W. Bush has seen the old American-made dictator Hussein pay his dues - but I wonder, who will hold Mr Bush accountable?

Maybe the who is currently unknown, but that there will be a when is a certainty - for Mr Bush will be called to account, if not by humanity, then certainly by history.

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