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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Change and Loss

Most of us would see change and loss as negative things.

Change usually denotes or reminds us that we are not in complete control of our lives, as much as we may want to be, and loss is - well loss.

Yet, we can change many things from a negative to a positive.

A transformation will occur with both, it is the end result that will bring about the positive or negative aspects.

Loss of material things can bring clarity to your life and force you to devote your attention to more important matters, while loss of more substantial things can nurture appreciation for those things still there.

Such loss and change can also instigate inner and outer cleansing. Mental clutter, physical clutter and body clutter all seemed linked at some level.

The clarity can carry over into the interpersonal area as well. Prune out those relationships that do you harm with firm gentleness, and feel grateful every day for the true friendships, goodwill, and love in your life that flower. Don't try to please everybody, just become more in tune with your most important, most cherished relationships, as you give them the attention they deserve.

Then look back at the change and losses you'll have collected.

You may be surprised at how much they'll seem like gains.

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