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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Fundamental Accents

Accent alla turca

I am accent alla turca;
a wild cry,

I am a nova force
in a dark sky,

sunshine reflected
through honey,

I am God's source,
a devotee of union -
I am intoxication;

skin passionata,
I am wisdom
picked up on the way,

I am la pasión turca;
dark and rough embers fuel

firelights to signal
dreams to come and play,

I am rima perfecta;
a perfect rhyme contained

neither in Heaven nor Earth,
but the heart of a faithful day.


My Heart

In my heart
there are no labels
or names or words,

a compound
of coincidence and magic,
the most stunning symphony
you'll ever hear,
a beautiful monotony;
it simply beats immense.

Each a different density
with which to compass,
or take notes.

The guideline for conduct;
it is the best teacher,
but the worst pupil.

It is made of life,
exuberant life,
full of itself.

A haven of inspirations,
a coy passionatrix
lives there;
whipping up
instants impossible
to ignore or to skirt.

All its poetry
is made of love.

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