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Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Poet's Plot [2]

A Cavern Volcanic

the poet dips his heated pen,
pulsing with possibility
into God-font inkwells -
mind and body are written

in and out of passion
as his soul sojourns
in a cavern volcanic
to life's central meaning,

freeing secret stories locked
in the heart's memory chest;
remembrance and experience
is a paper-cut's devilish

brief bitterness followed
by a well rescued sentence,
the poet searches firewords
to reawaken his skin

in a lyrical SOS, discovered
and lost in inspirations,
all soul-departures return
under his nightly writings,

as he puts the final dot
on the finishing verse,
on four lines to de-mystify
his haunting universe.



a poem is a cry of fury,
a cry for meaning,
a search to prove surely
that we signify something.

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