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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Through the Smoke

- I -

Through the first-smoke
bedroom walls glow with
the high tide of spring,
as it gives way submissively
before a fiercer heat,

morning enters balmy,
a fragrant warmth redolent
of newly fledged petals
crushed gently between
nature's wise fingers,
to give off the blossomed
scent of lusty damp earth,

golden masses of yellow sun
flower in paradise parks
far above the ceiling that
catches the resulting light.

- II -

Through the dense-smoke
the senses of the imagination
twitch at each new smell
with olfactory satisfaction,

the mind discovers the perfumes
of the senerading morning
as though falling in love;
feeling it will know when
it has found the right one -
while its most human cells
hark back to ancient times,

generations of evolution
rejoice in an essence that
extolls voluptuous virtues
of a particular heady call.

- III -

Through the dew-smoke
comes aromatic revelation,
at once reminiscent of
ancient Egyptian incense
caressing golden temples,

a rich sacrifice to the gods,
a steamy-sweet name-giving fume
to all intoxicating perfume,
meant for the gods but annexed
by earthly sensory perception,
a spell of waiting summer,
of bergamot and cedar,

of the chase and the hunt,
of flowers mating in the wind,
the scent of a long-vanished
goddess fills the air.

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